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Industry Nine
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NUCLEO : XD / HG / Microspline (tu eliges)

(Nuestro equipo te contactara para saber cual necesitas)

Made in Asheville, NC, Torch Hydra hubs feature low weight and 690 points of engagement with .52 degrees between engagements making them one of the highest engaging hubs on the market. The hubs are offered in a wide range of colors, as well as HG, XD, and Micro Splined freehub bodies. From the outside, the new Hydra hubs look identical to the previous generation; the real magic happens inside with the upgraded Hydra drive mechanism.

  • Featuring the new Hydra internals, designed around a traditional flanged hub
  • Angled flanges for lower spoke stress
  • Hydra freehub mechanism improves over previous Torch hub internals with multiple heads engaging for strength and quicker engagement
  • 6-pawl, 6-phase, 115-tooth drive ring with .52 deg between engagement points, 690 amazing points of engaging

- Mazas trasera Hydra con 690 puntos de enganche (cada 0.52º grados)

- Núcleo Sram XD compatible con 11 y 12 velocidades

- Peso set 454g (166g del + 288g tras)

- Flanges angulados para menor stress en rayos

- 32 hoyos

- 20% menor resistencia de rodado (vs modelo anterior, Torch) gracias a su nuevo diseño de rachet y perros

- Nuevo diseño de "end-caps" con sellos reforzados

- Nuevo eje reforzado: mayor superficie de contacto con rodamientos y núcleo (más apoyo = menos stress rodamientos y sistema de enganche)

- 2 años de Garantía